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Arreton Kamseen- SOLD 

 Billara Beersheba x Bevolin Woodsmoke

AHSA - PG 24602




Partbred Arabian Gelding. 25% Arabian- SOLD

The first foal for Arreton Arabians,and Kamseen is one of the most laid back horses I have ever met! Looking to mature to a height of 15.2hh, Kam has harness breeding running through his veins. Kam is by a Cleveland Bay sport horse out of an Arabian x Hackney mare. Kamseen has been lightly shown, attending his first show as a foal at foot. He has the intelligence of the Arabian while being completely unflappable, making him perfect for his new owners and his  job as a harness horse. 

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Arreton Farah 

Coolinda Park Kolzyk x Jakassa Serabi

F31166  DOB 3-11-2011

Purebred Arabian Filly - Deceased

 The first purebred foal for Arreton Arabians, Farah was a very intellegent filly. She was lightly shown, and was very much the apple of John's eye.  'Farah Farah Away' loved to go fast, and from a few weeks old would be cutting laps of her 15acre paddock, while Rabi stood in the middle, resigned to the fact that her daughter was a speed demon! Whilst being very intellegent, Farah also had some 'not so intelligent' moments; such as when she went into the centre of the mulberry tree while stealing fruit...  Then was unable to work out how to escape! She ran around inside the tree calling out frantically. Farah is very much missed by everyone at Arreton Arabians.

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Arreton Majnoun +CH

Trincada Strike x Kirrong Tuppara

   AHSA- APC1005

ASPR - 10350 

WPCSA - PWS-2475


Arabian Pony Colt 64.9% Arabian 

Everyone at Arreton Arabians has a soft spot for Binky! Jessie swagged it in Paara's paddock for 2 weeks waiting for her to foal. Then missed the birth, and was woken by Binky announcing himself to the world! Born chestnut, Binky is in the process of greying out. His sire is an all round Superstar and Binky has taken on Strike's spunk and good looks, while taking on his mother's noise factor! Binky is one of the Arreton Arabian show ponies, and he loves any attention: especially dock scratches, which can make tail plaiting difficult!  Binks loves showing but is also happy to relax and share a cider with friends.

Binky has achieved his Champion in the AHSA ROM as a junior horse.

In the 2014/2015 season Binky was awarded the SAARABS high point derivative colt. He followed this up in the 2015/2016 season by being awarded the high point derivative stallion. 

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 Binky's 2014 video

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Arreton Malakeh

Trincada Strike x Kirrong Tuppara  

DOB 2-3-15

Arabian Pony filly 64.9% Arabian 

AHSA - APF4172

APSB - 52713

WPCS - PWM7224 

A full sibling to Arreton Majnoun +CH  we are beyond thrilled with Susan. We are very excited to add her to our show team and she has already exceeded our expectations. She brinsg a good dash of Diva with her! In the 2015/2016 season Susan was awarded the SAARABS overall high point junior derivative.


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Arreton Jameelah 

Sadiks Psyche x Fairview Amira Shaklan

DOB 13-08-15

 Arabian Pony filly 75% Arabian

Registered AHSA Half Arabian  


WPCS- PWM-7388


Tiffany is Pom's girl! She has been shown lightly taking everything in her stride. In the 2015/2016 season Tiffany was awarded runner up derivative filly in the SAARABS high point awards. 

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Arreton Nadeeem -- SOLD 

Malleegrove Mandalla +CH +CH x Jakassa Serabi


DOB 30-11-15 

 Purebred Arabian Colt  

AHSA- C 8571


The first progeny of Malleegrove Mandalla and sold to a performance home at just 12 hours old. We are absolutely delighted with "Arrow" and can't wait to follow his progress as his grows. He's got his Dad's awesome temperament coming through already! Watch this space for the adventures of Arrow :) 


 Arrow's photo Album